ELVA COBB MARTIN - Wells Fargo & Gay Agenda
 Elva Cobb Martin  - "I can do all things through Christ."  Philippians 4:13
after TV ad showing and supporting 2 lesbians adopting a little Latin American deaf girl.

Dear Wells Fargo CEO and Executives,
My family and friends are so sad to see Wells Fargo going far beyond just being gay friendly in employment practices, but also spending big bucks to support and push the gay agenda. You have offended many people who don't agree with that agenda because of religious beliefs or otherwise.
Therefore, I am moving my bank accounts to another bank that is busy just doing good banking and staying out of social issues that will always offend someone.

We all have our favorites. Mine happens to be saving the innocent unborn babies from being ripped out of theirs mother's wombs right up to term by abortion. Why don't you get into this issue, if you want to really make a difference in lives in America? In fact, you've already lost a potential 65 million new clients who would have banked somewhere, had they lived.
Your excuses for supporting the gay agenda will never hold up in the one Court that matters most in eternity.  See Genesis 19, Romans 1 and 2 Peter 2:6-8, if you have any doubt which side of the gay issue God is on. --Since you are determined to choose sides.
Wouldn't it be best just to stick to good banking and stay out of social issues? You have spent a lot of money and time pleasing the approx. 3% of our society. What about offending the other 97%? Who made this crazy executive decision?

I am sure the founders and earlier leaders of Wells Fargo are flipping in their graves.   And if that great old stagecoach could protest, an American icon we all love, which you are now decorating with rainbow tassels and sticking in gay parades, I believe the air would be black. 
Elva Cobb Martin  
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