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An exposed family secret changed her life forever and blindsided his Marine heart.
From the day Hannah was abandoned as a newborn, her adoptive parents have kept the truth of her origin from her and her siblings. But when that secret is exposed, a threat arises which forces her to leave the only family she’s ever known and the adoptive brother she adores. She must start her life anew in Charleston.
U.S. Marine Lieutenant Adam White, harbors a secret—more confidential than patrolling the Caribbean for French corsairs, more threatening than the fight against Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean. Adam carries a personal, burning secret in his heart. He's fallen in love with Hannah since discovering she is not his blood sister. And the thought that she might only ever see him as her loving big brother may be the greatest threat to him yet.
As the Charleston men seek to win Hannah’s heart, she never loses touch with the man who had been her older brother. The man her heart can’t help seeing in a whole new light. But when Adam’s squadron sets out for the Mediterranean on the most dangerous mission of his life, only God can keep him—and their love—alive.

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I'm a Christian writer and speaker located in South Carolina, USA. My novels are exciting American historical romances set in Charleston, South Carolina, and on the High Seas. I love to teach Bible studies and novel-writing classes.


Title: The Sugar Baron's Governess

(Abigail) Book 4 in Charleston Brides Series

She needs a new beginning. He knows a reckoning is coming.

Banished from Charleston for his misdeeds years earlier, Joshua Becket built a new life on both sides of the law in Jamaica. As sugar plantation owner and member of the governing British Assembly, he’s known and respected on the island. But he guards a secret identity. As swashbuckling Captain Jay, he leads daredevil privateering exploits on his ship, the Eagle, when the mood suits him. Currently, he needs a governess for his young daughter whose mother has passed.

Widowed gentlewoman Abigail Welch accepted the governess position, leaving behind her disintegrated life in Charleston. This new start in Jamaica might finally help her find healing for her broken heart after losing her husband in the Revolution and their infant son to yellow fever.

Joshua’s precocious, undisciplined daughter is the drawing card that brings him and Abigail together like clashing cymbals of disagreement...and fiery attraction. Can love and the miracle power of God give them a new beginning and a happily ever after?

The Petticoat Spy 

  (Anna Grace)     Book 3  Charleston Brides 

A Charles Town belle and a blockade runner ignite fireworks in more ways than one during the American Revolution. See the cover and sale on Amazon. 

To Anna Grace Laurens, the war is like a distant bad dream until her family’s Charles Town plantation is burned and her parents murdered by those loyal to the king. She flees on horseback and leaps into the Cooper River to escape her pursuers.

As John Cooper Vargas sails his sloop down the river, he spots a woman diving into the water. After firing on the Tory raiders chasing her, he rescues her and offers to take her with his parents to an island hideaway for the duration of the war. But she has other plans, including revenge for her parents’ deaths. She insists he drop her off in Charles Town, even with the British planning a massive attack by land and sea to retake the city, the Pearl of the South.

John employs his sailing skills for the patriots, risking capture and death, but he enjoys his skirmishes with the British navy blockade to bring goods from the islands to aid the cause. But when Charles Town falls to the British, he docks his ship in a secret cove and joins Francis Marion's militia. This decision lands him wounded on a harbor prison ship where more men die than on the battlefield.

Anna Grace braves the deprivations, first of a city barricaded against the British, and then one surrendered and ruled by fists of iron under the English flag and injustice. Can she find a way to rescue John before it's too late?

As both American and English armies gather near Yorktown, Virginia, for a pivotal battle, can John and Anna's love for each other and their faith in God preserve them and help forge a new nation?

 --The hero, John, is the son of Georgia Ann and Samuel from Book 2 below.                   ***

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 The Sultan's Captive,

  (Georgia Ann)     Book 2  Charleston Brides

The lure of the legendary Spice Trail beckons Samuel, but he may never find a spice more precious than the treasure he left in Charles Town.   

Two Charles Town men love Georgia Ann Cooper—Samuel Vargas and his step-brother, Joshua Becket—but only one both attracts and infuriates her. Even though he’s a dangerous budding patriot and a privateer—or more likely pirate—Samuel fills her dreams and waking moments. 

When he leaves Charles Town for high sea adventure on the legendary Spice Trail, she determines to push him out of her thoughts and her graces. A task made  easier when she sets out on her own journey to accompany her father on one of his merchant trips to the Mediterranean.

Samuel Vargas is determined to make his own way in the world, not live in the glow of his parents’ escapades in Charles Town and the seas surrounding the Spanish Main. There’s no better place to earn his fortune than the Spice Trail. But the adventure becomes more than he bargained for when he stumbles across a lovely, familiar face in a Tripoli dungeon, and he’s forced to use all his abilities to save the life of the woman he’s been trying to forget.

As their paths intertwine on a journey filled with Barbary pirates, intrigue, and romance, only love and the grace of God can overcome the past and ignite a new beginning for Georgia Ann and Samuel. 


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The Pirate's Purchase

    (Marisol)  Book 1  Charleston Brides

Marisol Valentin flees Spain after murdering the nobleman who molested her. She ends up for sale on the indentured servants’ block at Charles Town harbor—dirty, angry, and with child. Her hopes are shattered, but she must find a refuge for herself and the child she carries. Can this new land offer her the grace, love, and security she craves? Or must she escape again to her only living relative in Cartagena?

Captain Ethan Becket, once a Charles Town minister, now sails the seas as a privateer, grieving his deceased wife. But when he takes captive a ship full of indentured servants, he’s intrigued by the woman whose manners seem much more refined than the average Spanish serving girl. Perfect to become the governess for his young son.

As their paths intertwine on a journey filled with danger, intrigue, and romance, only love and the grace of God can overcome the past and ignite a new beginning for Marisol and Ethan.

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 MORE Inspirational Historical Romance by Elva Cobb Martin

In a Pirate's Debt

Book 1 The Barretts of Charleston

Jamaica & Charles Town, 1720

Saving her can land him in a hangman's noose at low tide in Charles Town Harbor. Repaying her debt to him will consign her to a life worse than death.

When confronted with a forced marriage, Travay Allston flees her stepfather's Jamaica plantation and dives into the sea. Death would be preferable to life with Sir Roger Poole, a drinking, gambling, scoundrel whose advances make her skin crawl.

Lucas sails the high seas as the dreaded Captain Bloodstone. He is on a quest to find his mother, a woman last seen clapped in irons by the Spanish. As his ship slips past Jamaica, he spies a young woman plunge into the sea. A prize of such beauty must be saved and Lucas dives in to rescue her. The last thing Lucas needs is to get involved with Travay, a childhood friend who caused him nothing but trouble. Especially now that she's become a stubborn, alluring young woman.

Lucas delivers Travay to her aunt in Charles Town and washes his hands of the affair. Or so he thinks. But when Sir Roger shows up demanding that Travay marry him or face the wrath of Charles Town's newest council member,

Lucas feels that familiar boyhood tug on his heart. 

Will this wanted pirate of the crown risk his life to save Travay a second time? 

Betrothed to a man she hates, will Travay repay her debt to a pirate by marrying Sir Roger in exchange for his promise to pardon Lucas? And if she does, will such a rascal keep his word? 

Falling in love with the pirate was never part of her plan.

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Summer of Deception -Romantic Suspense

Book 2 The Barretts of Charleston:  Captain Bloodstone's descendant and Charleston tea plantation owner, hero Marine veteran Luke Barrett.

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A wounded warrior . . . a woman searching for truth.  

Even with his eye patch, bitterness and distrust, former Marine Special Ops, now plantation owner, Luke Barrett captures Rachel's heart until the night she finds evidence he is following in the footsteps of his pirate ancestor, Captain Bloodstone, but in smuggling the white gold, cocaine, which cost her brother's life during his Charleston, South Carolina, coastal investigation.

Rachel York is escaping a bad relationship and seeking to uncover the truth regarding the death of her brother who worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). She doesn't believe he's really dead. She's found a job at a historic Charleston tea plantation but when she arrives, the man who hired her is dead and his nephew has no clue she was coming. Would God bring her this far to fail her now?

Luke Barrett is a widowed and wounded Marine Corps Special Forces operative who has returned home with an eye patch making him more like a grumpy pirate than the owner of a southern tea-plantation. Handsome but untrusting, he's suspicious of Rachel but allows her to stay on trial as a nanny to his young daughter whom he adores.

Rachel revels in the beauty and history of her temporary home and looks for ways to contact her brother's partner to uncover the truth. But strange things are happening on the plantation and she begins to wonder if the honorable and grumpy owner might not be involved in nefarious activities. In spite of that, she finds herself attracted to the brooding, temperamental owner of the plantation.

Luke is finding his own heart melted and lost faith rekindled by the feisty nanny, but suspects she has secrets of her own. When love is about to bloom a hurricane comes and craziness ensues. Is her brother really alive? Does Luke love her, or is he really a drug smuggler? With all the secrets uncovered, can love survive?                                     ***

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Power Over Satan

Short Bible Study on your authority in Jesus Christ!  You don't have to live depressed, sick or defeated another day.  Personal stories and illustrations of God's intervention and how to walk in victory!

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