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Daily Prayer Starter

"God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you..." I Samuel 12:23

Start: Lord Jesus, I love and praise you. I thank you for all the rich blessings you’ve given us. You’ve abundantly supplied our every need. I rejoice in your love, care, and favor. Thank you for my free nation. I humble myself before you and ask you to change anything that needs changing in my life. I choose to pray and refuse to worry. Come Holy Spirit. I can do nothing without You today. I receive fresh power to pray and to bind the enemy. Thank you for the blood of Jesus, His righteousness, and my Ephesians 6 armor.

Identificational Repentance: Father God I confess and repent fo rthe gross sins of America. Forgive us for abortion, homosexuality, greed and idolatry. Have mercy on us and send a GREAT AWAKENING. Have mercy and continue to protect America and supply our needs: food, water, power. Raise up a godly president and cabinet and all branches of our government who will seek your wisdom. Help us uncover and take out ISIS wherever they are hiding. Protect Christians all over the world.

 In Jesus' name I bind principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places over me, my family, our churches, our nation, our schools, our military, our US embassies and Israel. I loose the Holy Spirit of God and pray for God's angels to help us today. I pray that we might all be "filled with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding." (Col. 1:9) Manifest your presence and glory in each life today. I pray for mercy, revelation and repentance sorely needed for abortion, homosexuality, greed, backsliding and worship of false gods.

Lord, root up, cut off evil leaders & plans, and all Islamic Muslim Brotherhood growth here and abroad.(PS.101:8) In Jesus’ name I command every abortion clinic to close and all plans of the terrorists, the ACLU, the Muslim Brotherhood, the gays, the abusers, the traffickers, and all the ungodly to fail and funds to dry up today. I cry out for every unborn baby to be saved. “Break the arm of the wicked and judge for the oppressed.” (Ps. 10:15) and bless all those trying to uncover evil and bring justice today. Protect them and bless their efforts. Save and protect our children and protect our borders.

1) For all in AUTHORITY: May thy kingdom come, pull down the ungodly and raise up the godly in all seats of authority. Give them wisdom today: Our President, Cabinet, Senate, House, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, all courts, our Governors, Legislatures, city, county leaders, all media, law officers, all gospel ministers, all those in authority in our businesses, banks, health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and education. Protect us, Lord, our children, schools, and soldiers today. Raise up godly media and godly judges/verdicts in our courts today. Please send our nation a Great Awakening. Have mercy upon us. I repent for the gross sins of my nation. I put my trust in You, Lord, and claim your peace and victory today in Jesus' name. Lord, plant a Hushai (2 Sam. 15–17) on the re-election team of all leaders who have pushed abortion, homosexuality, and ungodly debt in our nation and have weakened our US Constitution. Help the Hushai give counsel that will defeat re-election of ungodly leaders, as Hushai helped David defeat Absalom. Dry up their re-election funds, expose all secrets. Bless the godly running for office. Protect our voting process. In Jesus’ name I bind all voter fraud. Draw out godly voters! Help our nation always stand with Israel.

2) I pray for my FAMILY & Church. Save the lost, the backslidden, draw us to You today and give us grace, peace, wisdom, revelation, protection and repentance as needed. Help us grow spiritually and be fruitful in every good work. Help us be in unity and love. (list)___________________________________________________________


3) I pray for the lost or backslidden I know: Lord, lift the veil off their minds, send laborers, illuminate the truth to them, protect them, bring them to conviction and full repentance. “May the eyes of their understanding be enlightened.” Give me opportunity to witness to them when it can help.In Jesus’ name I command satan to loosen these! And I ask the Holy Spirit to open their eyes. (list):__________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

From: Elva Martin Ministries Jan 2016  

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