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.Some Links to check out! (Just "ctrl+click" on most of them!)

The Holy Spirit is the biggest search engine of all! So spend time with Him first.

Link to all Elva's books on Amazon:

ACFW-SC Chapter blog American Christian Fiction Writers.

Edie Melson's blog (Use this link to design great business cards or a web site like this one---easy & at very little cost!

Here's a list of  writing helps: (Jerry B.Jenkins’ group) (great site for checking ratings on agents, publishing houses, contests and lots of things relating to writers and scams) (excellent articles and advice on many levels) (great help on writing ezine articles) get testimonies from new authors (a great romantic suspense writer)

Links about tea and plantations!

Links about stopping Human Trafficking (my strong desire) (frees slaves in USA and over the world) (frees slaves over the world)

Trucking & Human Trafficking -

Recommended Books To Sharpen Your Writing Skills!

(Hint: buy used on Internet for great savings, or Ebay)

The Emotion Thesaurus - Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglist (Great!)

Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View - Jill Elizabeth Nelson (Must have)

Christian Writers’ Market Guide (new each year) - Jerry B. Jenkins

Elements of Style – William Strunk (all those little grammar problems)

Writing for the Soul – Jerry B. Jenkins (author of Left Behind series)

Complete Idiots Guide to Writing Christian Fiction – Ron Benrey (great!)

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Rennie Browne and Dave King (great!)

Story - Robert McKee (essential for playwrights, good for all writers)

How to Write and Sell A Christian Novel – Gilbert Morris (good)

Writing the Christian Romance - Gail Gaymer Martin

Dialog: Techniques & Exercises – Gloria Kempton

Getting Into Character – Brandilyn Collins

Building Believable Characters – Marc McCutcheon, Writers Digest

Word Painting – Rebecca McClanahan

Make Your Words Work – Gary Provost

Selling Your Book – John Vonhof

Book Proposals That Sell – Terry Whalin (mostly for non-fiction)

The Everything Guide to Writing Children’s Books – Lesley Bolton

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